11:00 AM

Latina Style Business Series: Effective Conflict Management

Part three of the four-part series focuses on speaking up, even when it may feel uncomfortable

This year’s Latina Style Business Series was designed to help Latinas identify and overcome cultural mindsets that may be holding them back personally and professionally.

In part one of the four-part series titled Cultural Mindsets: Decoded, entrepreneurship consultant, author of Uncolonized Latinas, and speaker Valeria Aloe discusses the scarcity mindset. In this conversation, Aloe encourages women who may experience lower self-esteem or a sense of lack to practiceincorporating positive affirmations into their daily routines to help shift the internal narrative. In part two, she reviews the survival mindset which deals with the outdated belief that advocating for yourself may have negative consequences. To overcome limiting personal narratives like being too humble or working too hard without asking for what you need, she provides guidance on how to authentically build your personal brand.

In the most recent episode, Aloe discusses the “simpatia” mindset which invites us to avoid uncomfortable or difficult conversations or forces us to go out of our way to keep peaceful relationships. She encourages women to ask themselves, “Do I remain uncomfortably silent or overly promote positivity when conflict arises?”, and to self-reflect on the limiting inner voices that prevent us from bringing up a conflictive topic and from being comfortable with saying no. Aloe offers the following best practices for managing conflict while kindly and intentionally sharing wants, needs, and wishes:

  • When a conflict arises, find a neutral spot to have a conversation.
  • Allow each person to describe the conflict from their point of view.
  • Invite each person to offer two solutions to resolve it.
  • Agree on next steps.

Check out the full discussion below and tune into the final session about the extraordinary new collective.