10:51 AM

Latina Style Business Series: Decoding cultural mindsets

Part one of the four-part series reviews the impact of internal dialogue

Celebrating its 10th year as the title sponsor of the Latina Style Business Series, Nationwide remains committed to empowering the Hispanic community and Latina business owners. This year’s series features insightful conversations with entrepreneurship consultant, mentor and author Valeria Aloe, who guides Latina women on how to go from great to extraordinary by uncovering and conquering limiting cultural mindsets.

Titled Cultural Mindsets: Decoded, part one of the four-part series reviews the scarcity mindset by exploring some of the unconscious drivers of our decisions and behaviors. Valeria shares how widespread feelings of unworthiness or self-doubt can contribute to a lower self-esteem which may hinder our ability to thrive and attain extraordinary achievements. Instead, she encourages women to practice changing their internal narrative and the way they see themselves, and to take micro steps towards pivoting their mindsets from scarcity to abundance.

Watch the 25-min video conversation below and tune into the upcoming sessions that will cover the survival mindset, the “simpatia” mindset and our extraordinary new collective mindset.