09:00 AM

Latina Style Business Series: Celebrating your authentic self

Part two of the four-part series focuses on personal brand

In part one of the four-part series titled Cultural Mindsets: Decoded, entrepreneurship consultant, mentor and author Valeria Aloe discusses the scarcity mindset. In that conversation, Aloe provides guidance for women who struggle with low self-esteem and self-judgement to pivot their mindsets from scarcity to abundance, by taking action via micro steps. 

Continuing on the journey of raising awareness of how unconscious behaviors impact our actions, the next conversation in the four-part series focuses on the survival mindset. This mentality is based on the belief that speaking up or advocating for ourselves can have negative consequences, and is tied to behaviors such as working too hard without asking for what we need, being too humble, or being “just grateful.” To start overcoming these limiting narratives, Valeria encourages us to authentically and intentionally build our personal brands, offering some suggestions on how to get started:

  • Become a solution for a need your client has.
  • Consider all that you bring to the table (experience, education, languages, multiculturality).
  • Know your worth and be cognizant of the market value of the work you do.
  • Lean on advocates like your clients, fellow entrepreneurs, friends, and family to help support you in expanding your reach.

Watch the full conversation below and tune into the upcoming sessions that will cover the “simpatia” mindset and the extraordinary new collective mindset.