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Combining digital capabilities and caring human assistance to put the customer first

By Amy ShoreExecutive Vice President, Chief Customer Officer 

Since Nationwide’s founding over 90 years ago, we’ve always been committed to helping people protect what’s most important. Along the way, we have grown from a small mutual auto insurance company to one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, thanks to the many customers we serve. 

We don’t take the important role customers play in our success lightly. In fact, my role as chief customer officer was created to make sure Nationwide is thinking every day about the customer experience. 

Making it easier for customers 
What does that mean exactly? It starts with listening. According to a survey by the experience management firm Qualtrics, 62 percent of consumers feel that companies need to do a better job of caring about them. Meanwhile, our customers have told us they want effortless, reassuring and personal experiences. 

In response, Nationwide is making it easier for customers to do business with us by simplifying communications and enhancing online resources. For example, we created an improved mobile app experience for life insurance customers that makes it easier to access policy documents, update beneficiaries and pay premiums. 

Enhanced digital and self-service solutions   
The research firm Forrester found that 60 percent of consumers had their first digital experience at the onset of the pandemic and have since adopted the convenience of digital services. We’ve been parsing the data and paying attention to customer feedback and, in response, Nationwide introduced new self-service and digital enhancements for P&C members that enable them to easily manage their policies and accounts, claims filed, billing and share feedback.  

Comprehensive support 
Yet, even in our increasingly digital world, there are times when there’s just no substitute for personal interaction. That’s why Nationwide equips its customer service representatives with enhanced digital tools and technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to support customers with more accurate information in a faster timeframe.  

Our customer service teams are always looking for ways to improve the support we provide for our customers. In 2021, these associates – many still working from their homes – significantly improved important customer service milestones, including resolving issues in a single interaction (so customers don’t need to contact us more than once) and doing so quickly and efficiently. In fact, 84 percent of call issues were resolved in a single interaction.  

Our goal is to provide a blend of solutions that balances simplified, digital self-services with comprehensive support that only our associates can provide. In this way, we are working every day to earn customers’ trust.  

We made great progress in 2021, and I’m excited about continuing this journey and focusing on solutions in 2022 that demonstrate Nationwide is on your side.  

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