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The Pet HealthZone: Bringing 40+ years of pet health data into veterinary practice waiting rooms

Nationwide’s new digital platform enables an interactive experience to help drive proactive pet care

Columbus, Ohio – Nationwide, the largest U.S. provider of pet health insurance, continues to act on a commitment to help pets live healthier, longer lives by releasing the Pet HealthZone®, a free digital experience that draws from 40+ years of pet health data to drive the highest quality pet health conversations between pet families and veterinary healthcare teams. 

By entering a pet’s name, breed, and age, the Pet HealthZone will provide customized, in-depth information about an individual pet’s health risks, drawn from analysis of claims data from millions of pets. The Pet HealthZone puts a team of Nationwide veterinarians, breed experts, and data analysts at the fingertips of pet parents, giving them immediate access to age- and breed-specific insights, fun facts, and expert advice.  

“As veterinary professionals, we know there’s a lot of pet health information out there. However, pet families coming to us with the results of internet searches or what they’ve seen on social media may not always set us up for the most productive conversations,” says Dr. Jules Benson, Vice President, Pet Health and Chief Veterinary Officer at Nationwide. “Imagine, instead, them being able to leverage data from millions of pets from veterinary clinics across the country. Clients can come into the exam room with accurate information about their pets’ specific health risks and look to you for help in catching and treating those health issues early.” 

The Nationwide Pet HealthZone will, for example, inform pet parents of Labrador Retriever puppies that they are 6.5x more likely to have a foreign body ingestion compared to all other dogs. Similarly, pet parents of young adult life stage American Cocker Spaniels will learn that their dog is 16x more likely to have cherry eye compared to all other dogs. 

This data-informed knowledge opens the door to organic, in-practice conversations on at-home monitoring, helping pet parents spot early signs of illness and get timely veterinary care. When clients know what’s likely for each pet, each breed, and each life stage, veterinary healthcare teams have a better chance to help with interventions and treatments that provide the best outcomes. 

The Pet HealthZone supports the efforts of veterinary healthcare teams by:  

  • Improving pet health outcomes: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By enabling the right conversations at the right time, the Pet HealthZone can help clients and veterinary healthcare teams take tangible steps to prevent diseases, slow their progression, or be prepared for tough conversations down the road.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of veterinary healthcare teams: By equipping pet families with a more comprehensive understanding of their pet’s health and taking some of the heavy lifting out of client education, the Pet HealthZone allows team members to focus on the most important conversations around prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.  
  • Making pet health data meaningful and actionable: Nationwide knows that data will play a key role in the evolution of the pet health industry, and creating accessible, easy-to-use tools like the Pet HealthZone is critical in developing fields like evidence-based care and veterinary informatics.  

Nationwide is working to elevate pet care and strengthen the human-animal bond. For more information, visit ThePetHealthZone.com and experience the future of pet health.  

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