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Caution – severe weather season is here!

Patio season has arrived and so has an increased risk of severe weather like tornadoes, hurricanes, and strong, gusty thunderstorms. Already in 2022, 531 tornadoes have touched down in the United States, eight have been fatal claiming 15 lives and causing millions in property damage or loss. 

“As a protection company, we all play an important role in preparing our customers for the unexpected,”  said Martha Frye, senior vice president, Personal Lines Claims. “That’s why every year, we proactively provide tips and resources to help our agents and customers protect what matters most.”

Five DIY preparations to do now
As spring storms make their way across the country, preparation is key to reducing the potential for property losses. Here are five easy activities you can do now:

  • Walk around your property and remove branches hanging over your home.
  • Repair loose gutters and hire a qualified professional to make any necessary roof repairs.
  • Use your smartphone to photograph and document your belongings.
  • Prepare or update your storm kit to include a head protection like helmets or pillows that can protect you from flying debris.
  • Review and update your insurance policy to include coverage for storms in your area.

Stay alive, stay inside
Who hasn’t stood in their garage or on their deck to watch a storm roll in? While it may sound like fun, it’s best to avoid it all together and remain inside your home.

Here’s what to do when severe weather strikes:

  • Close windows and doors to protect your home against strong winds.
  • Keep the garage closed during thunderstorms and tornadoes to minimize the pressures that can cause roofs and exterior walls to be damaged.
  • Keep your phone’s emergency alerts on, even at night.

Awareness and preparation go hand in hand when it comes to protecting your home. Tips like these and others found in this storm preparedness infographic can be implemented at any time and leave you better prepared for inclement weather.