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Pet HealthZone puts personalized health insights in pet parents’ hands

Digital, interactive platform provides customized, proactive pet care

Pet parents: Imagine having a crystal ball that reveals the likelihood of your furry friend falling ill, the exact ailments they might encounter, and even the best ways to catch the problem early for optimal treatment. How would having this insight help you provide better care for your pet? 

Nationwide is providing that insight (and more!) to all pet parents for free through its new online platform, the Pet HealthZone®. The groundbreaking digital experience leverages 40+ years of Nationwide claims data from millions of pets to provide customized, in-depth information about a pet’s specific health risks. In just a few minutes and a couple of clicks, pet parents will receive age- and breed-specific insights, fun facts, and expert advice on how to best care for their pets.  

“While each pet is unique, they also share some health issues with others based on ancestry and age. In the hands of pet families, that information can help keep pets healthier and happier,” says Dr. Jules Benson, Vice President, Pet Health and Chief Veterinary Officer at Nationwide. “By relying on data-driven insights available only from Nationwide, we can help to inform pet parents about the likelihood of health issues for that pet and prompt important conversations with their veterinary healthcare teams.”  

Nationwide’s team of veterinarians, breed experts, and data analysts developed the Pet HealthZone, which means pet parents can feel confident relying on a wealth of data-driven knowledge to support their pets' wellbeing. 

Nationwide’s customized pet health insights eliminate the need for pet parents to rely on dubious internet searches or social media posts. They can work to protect their pets – and their pocketbooks – with information on health conditions that are at higher risk for each individual animal. Pet parents can learn what symptoms to watch for and make more informed decisions about their pet’s health and care. 

“What if the owners of every Labrador Retriever puppy knew that their pup was at a significantly higher risk of foreign body ingestion than other dogs?” said Dr. Benson. “It might prompt more proactive preventive measures at home and more conversations with veterinary teams about signs to watch for.” 

“Knowledge is power. Through the Pet HealthZone, Nationwide can share our knowledge to protect more pets and advance pet care in the process,” said Dr. Emily Tincher, Nationwide’s Senior Director of Pet Health. “When pet families are able to make better healthcare decisions, they can worry less and enjoy the bond they share with their pets more.”  

To experience the future of pet health, visit ThePetHealthZone.com

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