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Personalized pet insurance in just a few clicks

Nationwide’s new customizable plans now available online

Ask any pet owner and they’ll tell you - their pet has a very particular personality – complete with their own cute quirks. Since every pet is unique, their health protection options should be “tail’r” made for them as well.
More than 40 years after originating pet health insurance in the U.S., Nationwide is introducing its most innovative pet protection offering yet – one that allows pet parents to customize each coverage category to meet the needs of their pet…and their budget.

The modular design of the product, which is now available online at petinsurance.com,* enables members to dial up or dial down the coverage type that is most important to them. The platform is easy to navigate and offers hundreds of customizable combinations.

How it works

  • Visit petinsurance.com and click on “get a quote” to get started.
  • Select Accident coverage and choose between annual maximum or unlimited options. Examples of covered Accident conditions include broken bones, poisoning, lacerations, and more.
  • Choose to add or decline Illness coverage (subject to age limitations). Examples of covered Illness conditions include ear infections, vomiting, cancer, and more.
  • If adding Illness, choose separate or the same annual maximums for Accident and Illness coverage.
  • Select medical reimbursement level at 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% or 90% (options vary by pet’s age).
  • Choose annual deductible at $100, $250 or $500 (applies once across Accident and Illness).
  • Choose to add or decline Wellness coverage. If adding, select from choice of annual benefits. Examples of Wellness coverage include routine exams, vaccinations, flea/heartworm prevention, and more.

As customers are guided through each step, their monthly premium total is displayed and will adjust up or down as users toggle between the various coverage combinations.

“Pet parents want options when it comes to managing their pet’s health. Nationwide’s new ‘build your own plan’ offering, that is now available online, offers maximum flexibility to choose the kind of protection they want at a price point they can afford,” said Heidi Sirota, Chief Pet Officer and President, Nationwide pet insurance. “Giving pet parents an easy-to-understand way to create customized coverage helps us meet customers where they are and deliver on our mission to provide #morecareformorepets.”   

Coverage in some areas starts as low as $16/month for dogs and $5/month for cats. For more information on Nationwide’s pet insurance plans and benefits, visit petinsurance.com or call 1-866-880-4717.


* Not yet available in California, Maine or New York.