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Peace of mind ensured through pet protection

For Eric and Winn Madeira, their adventurous Bernese Mountain dog, Wile. E. is more than a pet, he is a beloved member of their family. So, when Wile. E. suddenly became sluggish and inactive on a holiday road trip, they knew something was very wrong.

The Madeiras wasted no time and took Wile. E. to a 24-hour veterinary hospital. Within an hour of arrival, he was taken into surgery for gastric torsion, a condition that had twisted his stomach so much that it had cut off the blood supply going to his spleen. During the procedure, Wile. E.’s stomach was fixed and his spleen was removed.

“Having the coverage of Nationwide Insurance made those decisions that much easier,” said Eric. “It’s a no-brainer to have the pet protection for any unknown issues.”

Pet protection has come a long way since Nationwide issued the country’s first pet health insurance policy to TV’s “Lassie” 40 years ago.

“Since Nationwide’s founding, we have been committed to protecting what matters most,” said Amy Shore, Chief Customer Officer, “Being able to extend that protection to furry family members is no different.”

Nationwide provides members with options to fit various coverage preferences and budgets through its pet insurance policies. Beyond the traditional benefits, enhancements like Nationwide’s vethelpline provide members with 24/7 access to live advice from veterinary experts through any mobile device.

Additionally, new partnerships can provide added value and convenience for pet members. In January 2021, Nationwide teamed up with Walmart to launch Nationwide Pet Rx ExpressSM, which grants members access to affordable pet prescription medications and offers an expedited, in-store claims experience. The program has since been expanded to include Sam’s Club and is now available in nearly 5,300 retail pharmacy locations nationwide.

“Helping families like the Madeiras is why we exist,” said Heidi Sirota, Chief Pet Officer. “Regardless of whether we’re covering an emergency surgery or treating a common condition, we strive to provide effortless, personal and reassuring experiences so the family’s focus can remain on the health of their pet.”