09:05 AM

Nationwide, Funding Circle partner to help small business owners

The list of things small business owners have to worry about is long. Protecting their business, keeping their employees safe while on the job, fending off cyberattacks, making a profit, having access to capital – all these issues keep business owners up at night. In fact, two of the biggest challenges business owners predict to face over the next year include making enough profit to cover overhead expenses (36%) and paying off debts (31%), according to the 2021 Small Business Survey from online small business lender Funding Circle, and 7 in 10 (72%) feel they will need financing for their business over the next 12 months.

To help small business owners’ deal with these concerns, Nationwide and Funding Circle are teaming up to improve access to much-needed insurance and capital resources and services for America’s small business owners. The two companies have created a new Partnership Solutions page, a publicly available, easy-to-use resource center that provides all small business owners a wealth of information to sustain, protect, and grow their business.

“Today’s hardworking business owners have a variety of insurance and financial needs. They are looking for innovative ways to have those needs met so they can focus on running their companies,” said Kasey Ketcham, Associate Vice President of Commercial Digital Enablement at Nationwide. “This partnership with Funding Circle is another example of Nationwide’s commitment to addressing the challenges small business owners are facing – offering expert guidance and comprehensive insurance and lending resources hand-in-hand to help them make informed decisions to fortify their business and livelihoods.”

The partnership marks the first time an online lender and leading property and casualty insurer are collaborating to progress access to financial support options for small business owners – many of which have experienced increased hardship during the pandemic and are looking to protect their futures.

“Funding Circle is thrilled to partner with Nationwide to offer essential resources that seamlessly supplement our customers’ business needs and sets them up for success in a competitive market,” said Vipul Chhabra, Managing Director of Funding Circle US. “This first-of-its kind partnership with one of the country’s leading insurance and financial services providers embodies our core values: to truly support small business owners in accomplishing their goals, especially among underserved populations that banks typically are not incentivized to reach.”

Businesses looking for easy-to-understand insurance advice and solutions can visit Nationwide’s Coverage Assistant tool to walk through the type of protection that make sense for their unique business and generate a detailed quote in minutes.

To view the Nationwide and Funding Circle Partnership Solutions resources, now available to all, visit:  https://www.nationwide.com/business/solutions-center/partner-offerings/