14:02 PM

Nationwide windows make a statement in the sky


At Nationwide, supporting our community has always been a top priority. In an effort to share important community messages for COVID-19, amplify our passions and encourage our teams and downtown partners in Columbus, Ohio, we began a unique tradition in the late 1970s that allows us to express our appreciation and spread joy to those around us.

So how exactly do we do this?
It’s one thing to write a message or communicate it verbally, but it’s quite another to show it. Our Headquarters window message tradition allows us to do just that – whether it’s a “Happy Holidays” greeting, promoting that we Live United with United Way or a light spectacle to cheer on the Columbus Blue Jackets.


The magic behind the scenes

Getting all of the details right is not easy. It takes seasoned professionals to execute the illuminated messaging. The Building Management staff first uses a map of the building to determine which windows need to be blacked out – a formidable task in itself. Then comes some major shade pulling with a crew of four going floor to floor drawing shades and installing cardboard in certain windows so that the message is legible.

How long does this process take in a 40-story skyscraper?

Approximately 3½ hours to install the message. But the work doesn’t end there. Each night, a maintenance crew checks each floor to make sure the right shades are drawn.

With all of the attention to detail, hard work and passion, the end result is stunning. See for yourself.