10:26 AM

Nationwide VetHelpline adds video consultation feature for pet parents

Powered by FirstVet, the app offers Nationwide pet insurance members unlimited access to video consultations with certified veterinary experts at no additional cost

Since 2015, Nationwide pet insurance members have been using Nationwide’s VetHelpline® to get around-the-clock advice for their ailing pets. Now, they can have a face-to-face conversation with a veterinary professional as part of the platform’s new video consultation feature. 

“Our new VetHelpline® merges technology with peace of mind for our consumers in one of the most comprehensive solutions in the market today,” said Mariel Devesa, Nationwide Pet’s Head of Growth, Expansion and Development. “Members can now easily access care via our app and have a consultation and video chat with trained staff 24/7.” 

VetHelpline® is exclusive to Nationwide pet insurance members, who can access the service by downloading the app. There, users can receive guidance on pet health concerns from general questions to identifying urgent care needs—because early detection is crucial for preventing small problems from becoming big ones. Learn more at petinsurance.com/usevethelpline

VetHelpline® gives Nationwide members convenience and expertise in the palm of their hand,” said Dr. Jules Benson, Vice President, Pet Health and Chief Veterinary Officer for Nationwide. “I can't overstate how helpful it can be for pet families to be able to reach a veterinary professional 24/7. For questions as diverse as, ‘Do I need to go to the emergency room?’ to ‘How do I assess my pet's quality of life?’, this service is an incredible resource." 

VetHelpline® staff has expertise across a wide range of pet health issues, including poisoning, parasites, and infectious diseases.  

Nationwide members who utilize the service should have ready: 

  • Your Nationwide pet insurance policy number 
  • Your primary concern 
  • Your pet’s symptoms and how long they have lasted 
  • Any other health problems 
  • Current medications 
  • Package label if a potentially poisonous substance was ingested   

Please note: VetHelpline® is not a substitute for visiting your primary care veterinarian. Nationwide encourages pet parents to consult with their veterinarian when it is appropriate and safe to do so.