16:59 PM

Nationwide Retirement Plans Gives Thanks by Giving Back

  • Nationwide donates $100,000 to National Urban League, Feeding America and American Red Cross
  • Extends fee-waivers for Plan Sponsors
  • Retirement plan participants can access a 90-day trial period of Nationwide Pro Account, a customized advice service

As a tumultuous and unprecedented year nears an end, many businesses and retirement savers are ready to put 2020 in the rearview mirror. Anyone with a retirement account experienced an emotional rollercoaster ride that impacted their savings at a level not seen since the Great Recession. Many business owners have stretched and scrapped to keep their heads above water and their people employed.

“2020 has been a challenging experience for everyone, but I’m so impressed by how resilient the country has been and continues to give back and help others,” said Scott Ramey, Senior Vice President of Retirement Plans Distribution for Nationwide. “After a year like this, the holiday season presents a great time to take a moment to reflect on the things we’re grateful for before turning our sights to brighter days in the new year. For me, that list includes plan sponsors and participants we serve. That’s why we want to take this opportunity to give back to the people and places we care about with our ‘We Stand Committed’ offer.”

Giving to our communities
During this holiday season, Nationwide will be donating an additional $100,000

to the National Urban League, Feeding America, and the American Red Cross. This reflects Nationwide’s continued legacy of giving to our communities, represented by our generous support of the Nationwide Foundation, which has contributed over $500 million to nonprofit organizations since 2000.

“These organizations are on the front lines serving people in need in the communities where our members and partners live,” Ramey said. “They are lifting people up and bringing us together at a time when the need is great.”

Supporting Plan Sponsors
To provide plan sponsors and their participants additional relief, Nationwide is extending its 90-day fee waiver that was initially offered last August for all new business transitioned by March 31, 2021. The waiver includes the Nationwide portion of the Nationwide Asset Fee and will be waived for 90 days from the date first assets are received. To be eligible the plan must include all of the following: The Nationwide Fixed Select Contract®, Nationwide ProAccount®, and either Flex Focus Collective Investment Trust (CIT) or Nationwide Collective Investment Trust (CIT) as the only target date option.

Supporting retirement plan participants
To help manage the ongoing uncertainty of the market, Nationwide is offering retirement plan participants a 90-day trial period of its managed account solution, Nationwide ProAcount®, a customized advice service.

“Giving back to the communities that we live in and helping the customers and business partners we work with feels like the right thing to do after a year like 2020, especially as we enter the season of giving,” said Ramey. “It’s a small token of thanks that may help lighten the load and hopefully set them on track for a brighter 2021.