11:31 AM

Nationwide partners with Annexus Retirement Solutions to provide a lifetime income option within retirement plans

To provide a new retirement income solution for retirement plan participants, Nationwide and Annexus Retirement Solutions are partnering to bring to market Lifetime Income Builder, a new solution built to help retirement savers maximize their income in retirement. The new product will launch later this year.

“It’s an exciting time a true paradigm shiftfor the workplace retirement plan industry and the plan participants we serve,” said Eric Stevenson, President of Nationwide Retirement Plans. “Lifetime Income Builder is the latest in our suite of in-plan guarantees designed to address savers’ growing income needs across all plan types and sizes. This innovative new investment option allows us to better serve existing plan sponsors and consultants while also reaching new clients by providing their participants with the protection they seek, and the guaranteed income they need, to help them achieve a more secure retirement.”

Nationwide and Annexus Retirement Solutions are joining forces to create a competitive in-plan solution that helps address the participant’s risk of outliving income, one of the biggest financial challenges faced by many Americans today. This solution embeds a fixed indexed annuity with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit – the Lifetime Income Builder – directly into a collective investment trust consisting of a series of target date funds. The investment options help increase income potential while maintaining a familiar investment experience for the participant due to the target date series structure.

"Until now, the retirement planning industry hasn’t made it easy for participants to know how to secure their financial future,” said Don Dady, Co-Founder of Annexus, the parent company of Annexus Retirement Solutions. “The risks in retirement require an integrated solution for most participants to optimize the potential income from their retirement plan. Lifetime Income Builder is designed to achieve this objective without requiring participants to give up control or flexibility. In partnering with Nationwide, this solution is easier for a participant to understand given the target date fund framework, with the added benefit of helping to maximize results for the participant to and through retirement.”PNN-2025AO