14:18 PM

Nationwide partners giving in time of need

Over the last two years, economic turmoil, healthcare needs, inflation and housing market instability have taken a toll on communities large and small. In response, organizations and individuals across the country have stepped up their giving where they saw a need. 

As an insurance and financial services protection company, Nationwide works closely with people and organizations committed to making an impact. From food insecurity, housing shortages and homelessness, to economic empowerment and rural crisis response, public and private community groups are working creatively to make a difference and Nationwide is highlighting those efforts. 

The videos below showcase some of the important work being done and where Nationwide has been able to lend a helping hand to local organizations committed to protecting their communities. 

Nationwide Children’s Hospital, City of Columbus, open free food community market.

National Education Center for Agricultural Safety, Jerome Township Fire Department save lives with grain bin rescue tubes.

Nationwide making investments to help alleviate housing insecurity and homelessness.

To learn more about the organizations Nationwide is partnering with to support these efforts, read our Corporate Sustainability Report