14:37 PM

Nationwide launches easy, online insurance platform for small business owners with fewer than five employees

Nationwide understands and appreciates the value of small business owners’ time, especially those companies with only a handful of employees.

From coffee shops and beauty salons to photography studios and craft stores, these small businesses tend to value guidance and validation, be comfortable with online self-service, and seek out convenience and options that allow them to maintain low overhead costs. No insurer has yet figured out how to sell and service commercial lines for these specific classes of small-business owners through an entirely digital experience — until now.

Nationwide is proud to launch a new insurance platform designed to address the specific needs of businesses with fewer than five employees. Through a partnership with Guidewire, the platform provides full-service and end-to-end digital capabilities across the entire insurance life cycle.

Complicated solutions take a lot of time and energy to develop and implement, so we’re committed to simplifying the insurance process. This fast, easy, online experience will help these business owners obtain the coverage they need to protect their livelihood. With just a few clicks, they’ll be able to complete an online commercial policy purchase within minutes thanks to automated underwriting criteria and the use of pre-filled data options.

The experience will be customized to each business segment and will be available via mobile or desktop access. Nationwide streamlined the application by minimizing the number of questions required for users to complete the process. In addition, the new offering digitally enables self-service transactions, including:

  • Payment processing
  • Policy information lookup
  • Policy document lookup
  • Requests for certificates of insurance

The pilot includes 18 classes of business:

  1. Ice cream shops
  2. Yogurt shops
  3. Coffee shops
  4. Barber shops
  5. Beauty salons
  6. Photographers
  7. Real estate agents
  8. Business/management consultants
  9. Accountants
  10. Attorneys
  11. Veterinarians
  12. Computer consultants
  13. Interior decorators
  14. Dentists
  15. Chiropractors
  16. Gift shops
  17. Clothing stores
  18. Arts and craft stores

For more information, visit Nationwide Commercial Digital Direct and watch this video.