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Nationwide is On Your Side is a viral TikTok Challenge

Sound of Zaya Campbell singing Nationwide’s jingle sparks social media trend

Over the past few weeks, social media videos featuring the sound of a little girl singing Nationwide’s iconic “On Your Side” jingle in a strong vibrato reminiscent of timeless gospel singers have started a TikTok trend.

How did the Nationwide Challenge start?
The original sound includes a video of 5-year-old Zaya Campbell, daughter of Erica Campbell, singing the Nationwide jingle. Erica Campbell is a contemporary gospel artist who was a part of the group, Mary Mary. The video is a few years old, as Zaya is 11 now, but the clip resurfaced recently and has been a popular sound on social media.

“Well, it looks like my sweet girl is going viral @Nationwide call me!” Erica said on Instagram.

Erica Campbell Instagram

🎵 Naaationwiiiiiiiiiiiiide is onnnnnnnnn yooooouuuuuurrrrrr siiiiiiiiiiiiiidee 🎵

A day or two after the video started trending, Nationwide reached out to Zaya’s mother to see how they could collaborate on some entertaining content.

Zaya recorded a sequel video that included her original audio.

Nationwide is working to partner with the Campbell family and to show its appreciation in imaginative, meaningful ways, all while keeping true to its mission of protecting futures with extraordinary care.

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