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Nationwide Announces Powerful New Guaranteed Income Rider

Best-selling accumulation FIA adds one of the industry’s strongest income guarantees

Nationwide, a leading insurance and financial services organization, and product development partner Annexus, the premier independent designer of fixed indexed annuities (FIAs), announced a new guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit feature available with the Nationwide New Heights® fixed indexed annuities, the top-selling accumulation FIA on the market.1 The Nationwide High Point 365® Lifetime Income Benefit rider with Purchase Payment Bonus (“the rider”) now features one of the industry’s strongest lifetime income guarantees.2

“Longevity and persistent low interest rates are creating a retirement crisis, and many Americans are in real danger of outliving their retirement savings,” said Mike Morrone, vice president of annuity product strategy at Nationwide. “This new solution is designed to help meet retirees’ critical need for income they can’t outlive.”

Exclusively available with the New Heights FIAs, the rider guarantees that the amount used to calculate future income will be at least 110 percent of the purchase payment plus 7 percent compound annual growth for up to 10 years.3 An additional feature automatically locks in every daily high point of the accumulation strategy, providing an opportunity for continued income growth after 10 years.

“The rider features some of the highest guaranteed income available today from an A+ rated carrier,”2 said Eric Henderson, senior vice president of life insurance and annuities at Nationwide. “Across the industry, the rider offers the strongest combination for accumulation and guaranteed income. We invite every advisor to contact their Nationwide wholesaler or Annexus-affiliated independent distribution company, take the income challenge and see how this solution stacks up to what they are currently offering.”

“Many other income benefits reduce accumulation potential through lower participation rates or earnings caps to subsidize their income guarantees,” said Annexus co-founder Don Dady. “New Heights and the rider provide a transparent solution, offering the same accumulation strategies the base product offers without limiting clients’ accumulation potential.”

“More and more clients are beginning to transition from the accumulation phase to the income phase in retirement and will be seeking guaranteed income solutions,” said Annexus co-founder Ron Shurts. “The rider is one of the most flexible lifetime income solutions on the market, and this FIA should be a top choice for Registered Investment Advisors and financial advisors who are working with clients to provide a more secure retirement.”

Nationwide High Point 365® Lifetime Income Benefit rider with Purchase Payment Bonus is an optional rider available for an annual charge with the New Heights suite of fixed indexed annuities.

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