16:35 PM

Nationwide and Annexus celebrate 10-year partnership with NYSE bell ringing

Over the past decade, Nationwide and product development partner Annexus have brought innovative solutions to the financial services marketplace, creating substantial value to help American retirement savers achieve their goals. To commemorate this milestone, leaders from both companies gathered to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on March 7, celebrating the strength of their partnership and reinforcing their commitment to innovation and delivering consumer value.

“Our partnership with Annexus has enabled us to take our product innovation to the next level,” said Mike Morrone, vice president of Nationwide Annuity business development. “Because of this partnership, Nationwide was able to enter the fixed indexed annuity (FIA) and registered index-linked annuity (RILA) markets, reaching new customers to help them achieve a secure retirement.”

Nationwide and Annexus launched Nationwide New Heights in 2014, a FIA offering investors principal protection and growth potential in a variety of market environments. A few years later, they evolved the product and launched Nationwide New Heights Select, offering greater growth potential with strategy options that track the performance of an index and lock in earnings at the end of each strategy term. New Heights Select also offers bucketing capabilities, providing investors with the option to allocate their contract value among up to five strategy options. Additionally, the annuity offers two optional living benefit riders for an additional charge, creating a source of guaranteed retirement income investors can’t outlive.

In 2020, the partners launched the Nationwide Defined Protection Annuity, Nationwide’s first offering in the RILA market. The product’s unique combination of features, including three defined protection levels which limit negative performance, uniquely position it to help investors protect their assets against market risk.

In recent years, Nationwide also has launched product and distribution partnerships with Annexus in the life insurance and employer-sponsored retirement plans spaces.

“The partnership between Nationwide and Annexus is a testament to both companies’ traditions of designing protection-focused products with the goal of delivering better client outcomes,” said Ron Shurts, co-founder and CEO of Annexus. “We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Nationwide well into the future, developing products together that help investors reach their goals in retirement.”   

For more information about Nationwide New Heights Select, Nationwide Defined Protection Annuity or any of Nationwide’s diverse portfolio of annuity products, visit nationwidefinancial.com.