16:24 PM

Making homeownership a reality

This year marks roughly two decades of partnership between the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) and Nationwide. To celebrate, Lu Yarbrough, Nationwide’s Associate Vice President of Enterprise Diverse and Cause Marketing, met with Lisa Rice, President and CEO of the NFHA, to discuss the continued impact the NFHA is making in the community.

Dedicated to providing equal housing opportunities for Black and underserved communities since 1988, Rice says that the NFHA serves as the voice of fair housing. During the conversation, Rice reviews some critical initiatives that the NFHA is focusing on in 2022 and beyond, like the NFHA’s Keys Unlock Dreams initiative, which aims to reduce disparities in housing and household wealth by addressing systemic racism.

Learn more about the work National Fair Housing Alliance is doing, including an initiative to foster tech equity and extending resources to help communities recover from the coronavirus health and economic crisis, by watching the full conversation below.