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Nationwide’s business life insurance team celebrates a quarter century of protecting businesses

September marks Life Insurance Awareness Month, but it’s not the only reason the Nationwide Business Solutions Group (NBSG) is celebrating. This is NBSG’s 25th year as a leader in the business life insurance market, a space where they provide dedicated, continuous service and solutions to their clients.   

The NBSG team provides corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) and bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) products to over 1,100 businesses – many of which are Fortune 1000 companies.

COLI is life insurance for employers serving as the purchaser, beneficiary and owner, while BOLI is life insurance where a bank is the purchaser, beneficiary and owner. COLI and BOLI policies help businesses finance employee benefits, increase after-tax net income and cover the expenses associated with replacing insured employees if that employee passes away.

“After 25 years in the market and with more than 60,000 business life insurance policies in force, we know how important it is to partner with financial professionals on all sizes and kinds of cases and on all aspects of the sale,” said Jessica Dowdy, vice-president of NBSG. “Our team is dedicated to helping financial professionals support their clients through the decision-making process by providing the most relevant options to meet their needs – from product pricing to post-issue support.”

And with more than 50 experienced business life insurance specialists on staff, the team knows what it takes to win and keep business clients for the long-term. In fact, the team has retained their first business client from 25 years ago – and secured a new win for the same client this year – due to their dedication to providing outstanding customer service.

NBSG’s success stems in large part from their end-to-end service model, which ensures the team partners with clients to meet their needs from initial sales support to case retention. NBSG also provides specialized underwriting, streamlined policy implementation and reliable service.

“NBSG’s people set us apart from the competition,” Dowdy said. “This team is a dedicated and specialized group of industry experts – and we’re committed to helping our clients now and well into the future.”

Visit https://nationwidefinancial.com/products/business-life for more information and resources on NBSG and business life insurance.