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Life-centric customer service

By Amy Shore, Executive Vice President, Chief Customer Officer

In times of change and challenge, it’s important to have people around who are there to help. At Nationwide, our mission is to protect people, businesses and futures with extraordinary care – when times are good, and especially, when times are unpredictable.  

Knowing how best to provide care through all stages of a customer’s life requires taking a broader view. By considering customers’ entire lives, not just pieces of it, it’s possible to adapt to their changing needs and priorities.  

This life-centric approach is at the heart of our customer service and has been a catalyst for many of the customer care refinements we’ve made over the last year to better serve our members and partners. Here are just some of the examples. 

For nearly 100 years, Nationwide has offered protection to farmers in the event of an accident or disaster. We also look for ways to help our members identify and reduce risk in advance. One of Nationwide’s latest examples is a partnership between Nationwide Agribusiness and the Finnish agrotechnology company Quanturi. In 2022, Nationwide’s agribusiness customers were offered discounted access to Quanturi’s HAYTECH, a state-of-the-art technology that wirelessly monitors hay temperatures. The system warns hay producers of unusual temperature increases, and the temperature data helps farmers optimize profitability by determining the right hay to use for the best purpose. 

Financial services 
Providing increasingly better service over the phone is something we are always working on. In our retirement solutions business, Nationwide has implemented biometric authentication technology for a faster and improved experience. The tool utilizes aspects such as the caller’s voice, the caller’s device, and/or behavior biometrics to verify their identity instead of asking multiple security questions. In the process, verification is simplified while ensuring enhanced data security.  

Nationwide has also focused on streamlining processes for independent financial professionals who partner with us. For example, as securities-backed lending (SBL) sales have grown over the last three years, financial professionals are seeking more training and marketing support to help clients understand how to access liquidity by leveraging their investment portfolio as collateral. Nationwide’s launch of an innovative cost comparison calculator helps demonstrate the value of SBL solutions for both financial professionals and their clients. The calculator provides quick side-by-side comparisons for advisors looking to guide clients to smart solutions for cash, whether they are seeking a way to pay for an unexpected expense or a personal goal. 

Life Insurance 
Additionally, we’ve made it easier for our members to go through the underwriting process when securing life insurance coverage by incorporating digital health data into the process. Late last year, Nationwide announced a partnership with Human API, a leading health data platform. Human API and Nationwide built a fully integrated process where only HIPAA-compliant health data that the applicant has agreed to release is automatically ordered and delivered. Using digital health data instead of traditional attending physician statements, labs, and exams during underwriting is especially attractive to those who may have previously put off buying life insurance due to the cumbersome process. 

Pet Insurance 
Not to be left out, Nationwide has also expanded the care offered to furry, feathered, and other pet members of our customers’ families. Nationwide is joining forces with Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc. in a multi-year partnership to co-develop integrated and affordable pet health, wellness and protection solutions for every stage of a pet’s life. These new offerings are expected to focus on end-to-end pet care fulfilled through Petco’s pharmacy, veterinary hospitals or clinics, and other health and wellness offerings. Coverage will include routine preventative care like vaccinations and unexpected medical needs related to accidents or serious illnesses. 

As a mutual company dedicated to protection, we want to be there for our members at every stage of life. As their needs and expectations evolve in 2023, we will continue to deliver on our On Your Side promise with the enhanced offerings and new solutions they’ve come to expect from Nationwide.