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Career goals: Making the leap from intern to employee

Throughout the year, Nationwide welcomes college students from across the country to participate in its internship program. They have the opportunity to learn new things, make meaningful connections and experience Nationwide’s caring and inclusive culture. 

For some interns, this experience didn’t end at the conclusion of the summer, instead, the internships turn into career opportunities. 

“Our internships are designed to help students build strong foundations for their careers,” said Giavonni Lucas, chief diversity and talent acquisition officer. “Through our program, we’re proud that we’ve seen many interns accept full-time positions where they can continue to grow at Nationwide.” 

Here are a few things current Nationwide employees appreciated most about their internships, and they share some advice for students searching for full-time positions. 

Avery Scholl

Avery Scholl’s internship on Nationwide’s actuarial team began in the summer of 2020 and was extended through her senior year of college in 2021. In addition to the career opportunities, Scholl said that the people and culture are what drove her to choose Nationwide. 

“I got to experience our unique culture firsthand throughout my internship, and I have felt valued from the start,” said Scholl. “For those looking for a full-time position, I encourage you to make a list of what you are truly looking for in a company, and then picture yourself working there. If you are looking for a company that values its employees, has a strong community, fosters learning and encourages development – both personal and career – then Nationwide would be a great start to your career.” 

Benjamin Yuskewich

For Ben Yuskewich, he was offered an entry-level role on the Nationwide technology internal audit team at the end of his second internship with the company. Despite working remotely during the pandemic, he felt connected to his leader and teammates from the start. 

“My experience as a Nationwide employee has far exceeded my expectations. I feel like I work for an organization that cares about its employees and empowers them to seek out their areas of interest,” said Yuskewich. “I can confidently say that choosing to work for Nationwide will never be the wrong choice. Nationwide offers a fantastic culture and is filled with brilliant people who are willing to help you reach your goals. It truly is a wonderful place to start a promising career.”  

Vanessa Gomez

During Vanessa Gomez’ internship, she expressed an interest in talent acquisition. With the help of her manager, she was connected to someone in human resources and was offered a contractor position which turned into a full-time role.  

“Be curious, be passionate, and be yourself! Share your goals and interests with your Nationwide managers and mentors. They may be able to connect you to the right person, and that will make all the difference,” said Gomez.  

Emmanuel Darko

While Emmanuel Darko was an intern, he appreciated the guidance, support and training he received along the way. For other interns looking to transition from intern to full-time employee, he encouraged them to treat the opportunity as an extended interview.  

“Show initiative, take on challenging tasks, and be proactive. Build relationships with colleagues and supervisors, and demonstrate your willingness to learn,” said Darko. “Take the opportunity to explore different departments and roles within the company during your internship to discover areas that align with your interests and strengths, and discuss that with your Nationwide mentor or manager.”  

Find out more information on the Nationwide internship careers page. Internship opportunities for the 2024 program will open this fall.