09:31 AM

Whiskers & Widgets: Inside Nationwide’s AI-Infused Pet HealthZone

Thanks to a boost from generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI), pet parents everywhere have access to a free digital resource from Nationwide that can reveal conditions their pet is at higher risk of developing, preventive measures, and even the best ways to catch the problem early for optimal treatment. 

What is it? The Pet HealthZone is a unique digital resource for pet owners. With support from their furry friends, Exploding Pop Tart, Brooklyn and Wrigley, Dr. Emily Tincher, Nationwide’s senior director of pet health, and Melanie Kolp, Nationwide’s senior vice president and chief technology officer of technology strategy, data and innovation, explain how it works.  

Real data, with a Gen AI boost. The insights available in the Pet HealthZone come from 40+ years of providing pet insurance to all kinds of dog and cat breeds. But translating thousands of pages of highly technical veterinary data and information into easily digestible information for pet owners is no easy task.  

In this next video, Tincher and Kolp explain how Gen AI helped Nationwide’s team of data scientists, breed experts and veterinarians write the Pet HealthZone content while ensuring accuracy.  

Barks, vacuums and celebs. In addition to learning about their pet breed’s characteristics, idiosyncrasies and potential ailments, the Pet HealthZone also offers pet families interesting and fun facts, like how much they can expect their pet to shed, how vocal they might be and even the notable personalities who are known to have the same breed in their home.  

Watch the full video below.