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What’s new with H.E.R.?

Grammy award winning artist debuts new Nationwide commercial

Multi-talented, Grammy- and Oscar-winning musician H.E.R. is back with a brand-new Nationwide ad!  

H.E.R. and her smooth R&B stylings will be featured in her second Nationwide ad, debuting on Monday, October 3.  

"In this version, we paired a unique, soulful melody with vignettes that subtly showcase everyday moments in life where Nationwide is On Your Side," said Ramon Jones, Nationwide’s Chief Marketing Officer. "It’s been exciting to see the response to our first ad with H.E.R., and we’re confident consumers and Nationwide partners will enjoy this one, too.” 

In the new spot, which is predominately running on digital/audio streaming channels and social media, as well as cable TV, the 25-year-old artist performs an original song that illustrates the many ways Nationwide protects its customers with extraordinary care. H.E.R.’s rendition follows in the musical footsteps of artists previously featured in the OYS Soundtracks campaign including Tori Kelly, Rachel Platten, Brad Paisley, Leslie Odom, Jr., and Jill Scott.  

 “I think it’s one of those jingles I’ve always known, and I never thought I’d be the one singing it,” said H.E.R. “It’s just so fun to take something you already know and kind of make it your own and be a part of somewhat of a legacy.” 

H.E.R.’s first Nationwide commercial aired in May 2022.  

H.E.R.’s career is on an impressive trajectory, and Nationwide is excited to be partnering with the artist to bring Nationwide’s mission of protection with extraordinary care to life.