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Find your purr-fect match and explore more pup-ular breeds with enhanced Pet HealthZone®

Free resource from Nationwide® shares love of pets with new health insights, fun facts on cats and 100+ dog breeds

Nationwide, the largest U.S. provider of pet health insurance, is sharing a new way for pet parents to feel the love for their canine companions and feline friends this Valentine's Day – by visiting the Pet HealthZone. The Pet HealthZone is an online destination that can help families nurture the needs of their four-legged family members like never before, and even help them find the new love of their life. 

The recently expanded Pet HealthZone now contains detailed profiles of 11 cat breeds and more than 100 dog breeds, including mixed breeds and popular crossbreeds like Labradoodles and Puggles. Altogether, they represent 97% of the dog breeds and 90% of the cat breeds Nationwide currently insures.

Dr. Jules Benson, Nationwide's Chief Veterinary Officer and Vice President of Pet Health, highlights how the Pet HealthZone supports the loving bond between pet parents and their furry companions: "One way to return our pets’ unconditional love is by ensuring we are the best pet parents we can be. The Pet HealthZone is designed to help pet parents uncover the increased health risks their pet may face, along with lots of fun information about how to love and care for them right. And because the love of pets knows no bounds, the Pet HealthZone is free and accessible for everyone.”

Each breed profile features in-depth information about specific health risks by breed and age, along with ways for pet parents to prevent problems or catch them early. Profiles also include steps veterinary healthcare teams might take to diagnose and treat various conditions, and potential costs that may be associated.

More reasons to love the Pet HealthZone:

  • More to adore: The Pet HealthZone is more than just pet health info – it’s a delightful journey for pet lovers, featuring breed origin maps, characteristics, grooming and coat care needs, and exercise and training tips. An interactive “One in a Million” page reveals fun stats for each unique pet.
  • Puppy love: Everyone knows love is blind when it comes to puppies, but this is one relationship where it’s better to go in with eyes wide open. Although most puppies are predisposed to putting everything in their mouths, the Pet HealthZone can help pet families better understand which breeds have increased tendencies to experience foreign body ingestions and toxicity. The platform also provides insights on which puppies may be at greater risk of developing hereditary conditions, and what pet parents should watch for to catch those issues early.   
  • Looking for love: For families looking to open their hearts and homes to a new pet, the Pet HealthZone can help find a match made in heaven. The site can help prospective pet parents choose the right breed for their lifestyle by identifying a breed’s energy level and exercise requirements, training preferences, and even grooming and coat care needs. Mismatches are common reason pets are surrendered to animal shelters, so diving into the Pet HealthZone can help ensure each pet’s love story has a happy ending.
  • Attitude is everything: A feature called "Breed Attribute Badges" can help simplify the matchmaking process for pet parents. These badges highlight pets’ personality traits, grouping breeds together based on their unique attributes. Whether you're searching for a Couch Potato to lounge with, a Runner's Buddy to keep you active, or a dog who Loves Kids, Loves Family (or Loves Everyone!), searching by Breed Attribute makes it easy to find the perfect companion for your lifestyle.
  • A labor of love: The Pet HealthZone is derived from an unparalleled analysis of more than 22 million insurance claims spanning Nationwide’s 40-plus years of protecting pets. Analyzing claims from nearly 3 million dogs and cats, this data-driven platform provides evidence-based, veterinary-authored insights pet parents can trust.

Visit ThePetHealthZone.com to learn more and discover ways to nurture each pet’s needs like never before. For information on how to protect your precious pet’s health, visit petinsurance.com