12:43 PM

Holiday Hustle makes December 16 the Riskiest Day to Drive

Rushing around to get ready for the holidays? You’re not alone. The increase of traffic and risky driving behaviors is why the holiday season is a dangerous time to be on the roads. The most dangerous day to drive this month is expected to be December 16, according to a predictive analysis of Nationwide claims data.  

For the past few years, Nationwide claims frequency has shown the riskiest day to drive around the Christmas season is the second Friday before the holiday. 

“The holidays can be a stressful time. While it may seem like driving faster will help you get things accomplished more quickly, it makes it more likely that you’ll get into an accident, which will only compound your stress,” said Beth Riczko, Nationwide’s President of P&C Personal Lines. “Instead, help ensure that you and everyone around you will have a safe holiday season by being more cautious while driving.”  

Drivers are nervous! 
…and rightfully so! Compared to pre-pandemic, a Nationwide survey revealed that:   

  • 81% of respondents said drivers today are more aggressive 
  • 79% said motorists drive faster 
  • 76% said drivers are more reckless  
  • 52% feel that driving is more stressful for them now 

Also making drivers nervous? Distracted drivers! An analysis using Nationwide SmartRide data revealed that drivers are distracted by their phones up to nine times during a typical 20-mile commute, which only increases the chances of being in a collision. 

“Our claims data shows that drivers have good reason to be more apprehensive,” said Riczko. “We want everyone to be safe this holiday season. It’s always important to talk to your insurance agent to review your coverages and make sure that you’re prepared if any were to happen.” 

Beth Riczko, Nationwide’s President of P&C Personal Lines, speaks about staying safe on the roads this holiday season.