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Commercial Insight Center offers timely resources for agents

  • Nationwide has launched the Commercial Insight Center to support independent agents as they serve middle market clients
  • The site will be updated monthly with timely, concise content and industry-specific content and information on middle market trends
  • “The new resource will offer valuable information to help agents advocate for their clients, deepen relationships and grow their books of business”

Today’s middle market insurance agents have a lot on their plates. In addition to being insurance experts, their roles also require specialized knowledge of their customers’ unique industries and needs, and familiarity with emerging trends so they can be ready for anything. For any one person, the amount of information needed to protect clients can be a lot to retain.

To support agents with timely information that’s easy to find, access and use, Nationwide has launched the Commercial Insight Center℠, designed to help elevate agents’ expertise and success with mid-market businesses.

The new site offers a single resource for agents who need access to timely, concise and industry-specific content, as well as information on middle market trends, such as telematics, cyber security and emerging risks. The site will feature new articles and topics each month across a variety of industries, including construction, specialty care and general industries like manufacturing.

“The middle market space is highly specialized and competitive, and it’s important that agents have the expertise needed to give clients confidence in their ability to protect their businesses,” said Linda Stueber, vice president of P&C Middle Market Sales and Distribution at Nationwide. “This new resource will offer valuable information to help agents advocate for their clients, deepen relationships and grow their books of business.”

Based on recent research conducted directly with agents, Nationwide discovered several key insights that informed the creation of the Commercial Insight Center, including:

  • Agents want easy access to searchable information, when and where they need it
  • They want graphical descriptions and sound bites that make it easier to tell a story to customers
  • They don’t have time to search through long-form documents and articles with pages of content
  • They value third-party insights to round out an industry perspective
  • They seek actionable take-aways and relevant solutions

In addition to information for agents, the Commercial Insight Center offers client-facing resources, like tips for recruiting the next-gen worker or guidelines for defending against cyber attacks, which agents can easily share with clients.

“We believe our industry expertise and risk management capabilities, together with agents’ relationship building and consultative skills, will help commercial customers know they’re well protected, regardless of what comes next,” said Stueber.

Nationwide will soon expand its Commercial Insight Center to cover topics from other commercial industries it serves.

Visit the Commercial Insight Center at www.Nationwide.com/CIC.