08:51 AM

Brad Paisley rocks out with fans on social media

It’s every aspiring musician's dream to jam with their favorite artist. Brad Paisley recently gave his fans an opportunity to do that on social media. Paisley posted a video of him riffing on the Nationwide jingle and asked his fans to duet their interpretation of the song with him. Paisley fans jumped at the chance and got really creative with their submissions.

Here are five duets that really caught our attention!

Stinger – Columbus Blue Jackets 
Columbus Blue Jackets fans are used to hearing their hockey team’s mascot, Stinger, banging on a drum at CBJ games. Add playing air guitar to his list of talents!

Peyton Manning
No list would be complete without Paisley’s bandmate. Nice job on the xylophone, Peyton!

Maggie Baugh (Duet) 
Keep your eye on Maggie Baugh. Based on this duet, it’s only a matter of time before we see her on stage at the Grand Ole Opry!

Dustin Mitchell 
Dustin absolutely SHREDS his duet with Brad!

Our guy Ginger Beard bringing his own spin to the Nationwide Jingle lyrics!

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