12:12 PM

American Bar Association recognizes Nationwide

Company presented with a Presidential Citation for commitment to civics education

For decades, Nationwide has been committed to its tradition of empowering employees to engage in the political and legislative process.

Through its Civic Action Program, Nationwide has helped support government relations activities by educating employees and encouraging them to voluntarily participate in the political process so that they make their voices heard and their votes count at election time.

As Nationwide celebrates the 45th anniversary of its Civic Action Program this year, the company was also proud to be presented with a Presidential Citation for its longstanding commitment to civics education in the workplace by the American Bar Association (ABA).

“The role of the business community in promoting civics, civility and collaboration – the Cornerstones of Democracy – cannot be overstated,” said American Bar Association president Deborah Enix-Ross. “Nationwide has been at the forefront of making sure its employees are informed and engaged. Doing so makes our democracy and our society stronger.”

The Civic Action Program, the first of its kind in the insurance industry in 1978, has been instrumental in the passage of laws like seatbelt usage and distracted driving, which benefit Nationwide and the community.

In July, the company worked with the ABA to host a program on civics, civility and collaboration.  The program featured politicians and community leaders who discussed how respect and civility can exist in politics. Nationwide also produced and showcased educational videos focused on foundational aspects of our democracy, such as explaining the Electoral College and how a bill becomes a law.

“Now more than ever, it’s important to be able to come together and discuss civics and civility – no matter what your political preference may be,” said Nationwide’s Chief Legal Officer Mark Howard. “I’m proud of the impact our Civic Action Program has made and will make as we go forward.”

Visit the ABA site to learn more about this recent recognition.