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Achieving excellence: a workplace where women can excel

Diversity, equity and inclusion remain at the heart of Nationwide’s culture. The company is committed to creating a workplace where all voices are respected and celebrated.

Recently, Fortune and Seramount again named Nationwide a top company for women and executive women on their respective annual lists.

Nationwide is a company where women — and everyone — can see themselves represented at all levels and provided with opportunities to learn and succeed personally and professionally.   

In addition to Nationwide’s strong focus on employee engagement, the company leverages a variety of programs to retain and strengthen talent and provide professional development to employees at all levels.

A few examples include:

  • Employee resource groups offer focused programming, events, support and sponsorship for employees, including women, cultural heritage, diverse abilities and more.
  • MENTORwide is a program for employees looking for an opportunity to be a mentor, mentee or both. This program allows employees at all levels to make connections across the company, spark growth and take their career to the next level.
  • INSIGHT leadership journeys give participants access to internal and external tools and resources to support their development and growth. The program includes access to an executive coach, exposure to the executive leadership team and opportunities to create deeper connections with peers from across the company.

The company’s support for the careers of women extends into the community. In 2022, Nationwide became a sponsor of Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD), an organization that advances women’s leadership for stronger businesses, greater entrepreneurship and thriving communities. The volunteer-based organization provides meaningful opportunities for women to build strong community connections while paying forward their success. These connections foster new careers and business building opportunities for volunteers and help women find mentors and sponsors.

Nationwide’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion was also recently recognized by Seramount’s 2023 Inclusion Index. 

“We’re grateful for this recognition and proud of our strong workplace culture,” said Vinita Clements, Chief Human Resources Officer. “When our employees feel valued and heard, Nationwide thrives.”

To learn more about careers at Nationwide, visit: www.nationwide.com/personal/about-us/careers/