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Stronger together: celebrating women in the workplace

Women’s History Month is an important time to step back and recognize women’s contributions to history, culture and society.

Nationwide leaders, recognizing the women and allies who have helped elevate, empower and enable them, are reflecting this month on their mentors and what they’re doing to help inspire and motivate others.


Elevate: Vinita Clements
I have been fortunate to have a network of so many women throughout my career who have helped elevate me to where I am today -- starting with a strong family of women who instilled strong values and provided a strong foundation for self-confidence. Many of my previous leaders have also served as informal mentors -- they took the time to know me and to understand my passions and were my biggest advocates in support of my development during stretch assignments. One thing I appreciated most from my leaders along the way was direct, constructive feedback. It wasn’t always easy to hear, but it empowered me to overcome challenges and become the leader I am today. 

I’ve recognized the importance of women supporting women and how it fuels each other’s success. It’s why I’m passionate about helping other women reach their potential through mentorships, formal programs and everyday opportunities, including ones where we celebrate each other’s success. I believe it’s my responsibility to pay forward the advice I was given, and help women dream bigger in ways they never thought possible. 

For women looking to develop their career at Nationwide, I’d say go for it! The investment in our people, the strength of our culture, and the resilience of our associates foster strong connections that will influence your career in positive ways. And, some of these connections will last forever.


Empower: Amy Shore
Many men and women have empowered me over the years. For example, a senior leader took me under her wing and provided me valuable coaching on how to navigate the executive ranks, a peer I “grew up with” in the company was my truth teller always sharing honest feedback, and several operations leaders have been so highly effective, they help me to focus on the big/strategic items.  

I have paid it forward through years of support for the All Women’s associate resource group and by hiring and promoting strong female leaders who have proven they are the best person for the job.  I continue to mentor and sponsor leaders from across the company.  

You own your career and defining what success looks like to you.  Nationwide and its leaders will help you achieve your goals if you consistently perform.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Tina-Ambrozy (2)

Enable: Tina Ambrozy
I’ve been very lucky to have great mentorship from women and men throughout my career.  I was fortunate to work with a leader in Nationwide Financial when he first joined Nationwide who gave me opportunities to perform and deliver, encouraging me along the way to step out of my comfort zone and take on more. He advocated for me and enabled me to grow as a leader and person. I have never taken that for granted and I recognize how important his sponsorship has been to my success.  It’s everyone’s job to carry the kind of help and support that he showed me to those who are willing to do the work and bringing the energy and dedication to being the best version of themselves.  I believe growth and development is the responsibility of each individual, and our role as leaders is to meet them on the 50-yard line with support, coaching and feedback to help them drive the rest of the way down the field toward their goals.

For those looking to develop in their career, I encourage them to be brave and lean into opportunities that will allow for growth. That growth does not necessarily mean promotions or that you have to be a people leader, although it could.  It’s about not getting comfortable. Even individuals that enjoy their current roles have room for growth. I believe there is always room to be better, to make our work better. Stepping back from what we do and asking how we can improve and deliver greater impact is constantly top of mind for me and it affects how I approach each day.  It keeps our work interesting and expands our mindset on problem solving and on what opportunities we want to tackle. I’ve found that approach has rewarded me countless times throughout my career with stimulating work and new opportunities.

A culture that works for everyone
Nationwide is proud to be recognized for its diverse, equitable and inclusive culture where employees can develop their potential and bring their authentic selves to work each day. To view open positions, visit www.nationwide.com/careers.