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Wearable devices reducing risk of holiday workplace injuries

Nationwide partnering with Kinetic, Kinetic Insurance to make workplaces safer through new workers’ compensation insurance product

The holiday season is here which means Americans will be searching for that perfect gift for their loved ones. This year’s holiday rush will be particularly challenging for businesses, who are dealing with supply chain disruptions, workforce labor shortages, and a high demand for their products and services. Put those risks together and you have a recipe for an increase in workplace injuries.

To protect businesses and their employees through the holidays and beyond, Nationwide has partnered with Kinetic, the company providing wearable technology that fosters safe environments for the industrial workforce, and its new subsidiary Kinetic Insurance.

Nationwide’s E&S/Specialty division and Kinetic Insurance will offer workers’ compensation insurance combined with a technology-driven approach to worker safety to provide one of the first technology-led, proactive policy offerings in the industry. Kinetic Insurance will sell the product and provide servicing to customers and Nationwide E&S/Specialty will underwrite it.

Nationwide made a venture capital investment in Kinetic in 2020.

“Nationwide’s investments in innovative insurance technology companies like Kinetic have given us the opportunity to partner with Kinetic Insurance to bring a truly unique product to the workers’ compensation programs market,” said Heather Schenker, vice president of Nationwide E&S/Specialty. “Backed by Nationwide’s strength and stability, this partnership continues our use of technology to help businesses protect their workforce and make smarter safety decisions.”

Kinetic creates wearable technology and a software analytics platform for the connected workforce. The smart wearable Kinetic Reflex device reduces the incidence of workplace injuries by automatically detecting unsafe postures and providing workers with real-time feedback whenever a high-risk motion occurs. Over time, workers can use Reflex to improve their biomechanics, resulting in fewer injuries and improved well-being. Safety managers can view risk data in the Kinetic dashboard, which can be used to make targeted changes to workplace processes that can help to reduce injury risk further.

“Kinetic Insurance and wearable tech helps businesses keep their workforce safe and save money on their premiums, spending it where it counts,” said Haytham Elhawary, founder and CEO, Kinetic, Inc. “The tech can reduce overall claims costs up to 50% in environments where high strain and sprain injury rates are present.”

Businesses interested in purchasing the new workers’ compensation insurance product can visit https://kinetic-insurance.com/