Nationwide advocates for the adoption of modern building codes

The frequency and severity of extreme weather continue to increase, creating challenges for homeowners and business owners across the country. Taking proactive steps to mitigate risk and embracing resilient construction has become critically important. Nationwide has and will continue to raise awareness and advocate for the adoption of modern building codes and resilient infrastructure. We know, based on more than 20 years of scientific research, that enhanced building codes such as  IBHS fortified building standards, deliver superior performance protecting people and their property during severe weather events. Strong, enforceable building codes are the simplest and most effective way to protect property, reduce damage, save lives and lessen the need for post-catastrophe federal aid. If insurance carriers, distribution professionals and government officials work together we can build a more resilient future.

Our commitment to modern building codes includes research, innovation and advocacy as well as offerings that directly help our members. Learn more about how Nationwide’s investing in the adoption of modern building codes.


Taking action together
Together, we can build a more resilient future.