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Open Tech Jobs at Nationwide

Through monthly LinkedIn Live sessions, Nationwide Technology leaders discuss open roles and answer questions about working at Nationwide.

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New Technology Careers | April 28, 2022

CIO, Jim Fowler, and AVP of Technology Talent Acquisition, Kelly Owens, discuss how Nationwide has stablished broad career opportunities for anyone who will be graduating or wants to make a career change into technology. Technology employees will also speak about how they have grown within Nationwide in unique and repeatable ways. 

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Remote/Hybrid Work | March 30, 2022

Jim Fowler, Chief Technology Officer, and Kelly Owens, AVP Talent Acquisition, discuss how Nationwide's culture can be felt in person and in hybrid and remote roles.


Partnerships helping Nationwide recruit for open technology jobs  | February 23, 2022

Nationwide is proud to be an organization committed to recruiting top talent from all walks of life, and to have won numerous awards over the years for being a great place to work.  

A key to Nationwide’s success has been the use of creative partnerships to find talent. The company’s partnership with Per Scholas, a national nonprofit working to diversify America’s technology workforce, is example of how the Fortune 100 company considers talent from anywhere.  

In late 2019, Nationwide Technology and Per Scholas inaugurated a unique apprenticeship program at the company’s Columbus, Ohio, headquarters. Since its launch, dozens of people with initially limited backgrounds in technology have been paid to learn specific IT skills – like software engineering and infrastructure engineering – that Nationwide needs. In the program’s first year, 13 apprentices were hired into full-time positions upon the completion of their apprenticeship and over 20 additional apprentices are expected to receive job offers later this year.   

Chief Technology Officer Jim Fowler hosted a LinkedIn Live session on Feb. 23, 2022, to talk about the partnerships Nationwide Technology is using to fill the 240 open positions his organization is hiring for today, and those on the horizon later this year.  

Interested candidates of all experience levels are encouraged to watch the session and apply for one of Nationwide Technology’s positions, or check out other open positions at Nationwide


Open Roles at Nationwide | January 31, 2022

Chief Technology Officer Jim Fowler hosted a LinkedIn Live session on Jan. 31, 2022, to talk about the 240 open positions in his organization today and more openings this year. Nationwide is looking for applicants across all experience levels. 

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