12:51 PM

Nationwide statement on political giving

Last week’s troubling violence at the U.S. Capitol has caused us individually and collectively as a country to reflect on the actions we should take to ensure accountability. Nationwide continuously reassesses who receives political contributions from our employee Political Action Committee. We will certainly be considering these recent events in our contribution decisions for the year ahead.

Given the breadth and depth of the actions taken by many in the political process, however, Nationwide is suspending any financial contributions out of its Political Action Committee while we incorporate the broad reaching effects of these recent events into our approach and decisions going forward. This will give our PAC time to update what has always been a bipartisan strategy supporting candidates that align with our inclusive company values as well as the needs of our members and our business.

We believe in our political process and implore all of our federal elected officials to do their duty to protect and defend the Constitution by ensuring the peaceful transfer of power to President-elect Biden.