12:55 PM

Nationwide joins industry, business leaders to address racial wealth gap at Tulsa Economic Empowerment Day

As the Tulsa community and our nation marks the 100th anniversary of the tragic 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, hundreds of leaders, investors, business owners and entrepreneurs gathered in Tulsa for Economic Empowerment Day, an interactive conference designed to create a collective focal point for the national conversation on the racial wealth gap and inequality in access to capital.

As part of its ongoing commitment to economic empowerment and social justice, Nationwide supported this important event with a $100,000 contribution and active participation from four top executives. Eric Stevenson, President of Nationwide Retirement Solutions, is an Oklahoma native and served as co-host for the day. Retiring Nationwide Chief Administrative Officer, Gale King, Nationwide Retirement Institute leader, Kristi Martin Rodriguez, and Chris Graham, Nationwide Mutual Funds chief investment officer, also participated in panel discussions.

"Economic Empowerment Day was a moving and inspirational experience for all involved,” Stevenson said. “What started as a local effort became a unifying event that’s driving national awareness and conversations. This dialogue is exactly what our country needs right now as we continue to look for opportunities to empower diverse individuals and businesses and address the racial wealth gap.”

Economic Empowerment Day was built around three educational tracks:

Black Wallstreet – For Institutional Investors
Examining the Black presence in the investing world and opportunities for diversity and inclusion in institutional investing, including the larger roles that policy and government can play in supporting the advancement of diverse asset managers.

Black Commerce Street – For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
Exploring the role of Black business in shaping communities and building wealth with an emphasis on access to capital and other resources that are essential for success.

Black Wealth Street – For Families
Focused on useful and practical recommendations for building individual and cross-generational wealth, financial security and closing the wealth gap for all.

A replay of all of the event’s sessions is available until Aug. 30 at Tulsa2021eed (vfairs.com).