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Holly Snyder

President, Nationwide Life

Holly Snyder

Holly is President of Nationwide Life Insurance. In her current role, which she assumed in October of 2019, she is responsible for all aspects of the life business, including life product and business development, managing life sales growth and profitability, executing major strategic initiatives such as Promise 2020 program and delivery, and overseeing life new business operations.

In 2018, Holly assumed leadership for Nationwide Financial’s life insurance business, with responsibility for life insurance business strategy and execution, as well as achieving overall business and financial goals. Since 2016, she was responsible for Life New Business operations, which enabled the sales process through the daily production of all life insurance applications and the appropriate assessment of mortality risk. In this role, she was accountable for fundamentally transforming the life new business process to optimize the partner and member experience.

From 2011–2018, Holly served as chief financial officer (CFO) of Nationwide Financial’s life insurance business, with responsibility for pricing, design and implementation of new life insurance products; planning, forecasting and performance management, in-force product management, as well as assessing and managing market, product and business risks.

Previously, Holly served as Vice President, Business Excellence for Nationwide where she developed a new business process improvement capability for the enterprise. She served as President of Nationwide Better Health since the company’s inception in 2006 through 2009. Prior to this role, Holly was Vice President and CFO of Business Development and Performance Management with Nationwide Strategic Investments.

Holly rejoined Nationwide in 2003 from GE Financial Assurance, where she was Senior Vice President, Product Management and led the Variable Annuity and income lines of business. She began her career as an accounting and auditing professional at KPMG.

Holly holds an MBA from Capital University and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Franklin University. Holly is also a Certified Public Accountant.