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Best reasons to pick a job in insurance

To celebrate Insurance Careers Month, a few Nationwide leaders reflect on their own career journeys and why they choose to work in the insurance industry.

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Kirt Walker, Chief Executive Officer
After a devastating tornado on June 28, 1979 ripped through my hometown in Iowa, I learned why insurance was so critical to help families get back on their feet. When the Allied claims people were the first at the scene, it stuck in my mind that I wanted to help people. If you love helping people, I can’t think of a better way to do that every single day of your life than to work in insurance.

Mark Berven

Mark Berven, President and COO, Nationwide Property & Casualty 
I’ve worked in the insurance industry for almost my entire career, so I may be a little biased about this. But working in insurance has appeals beyond the typical job-related perks, like a competitive salary and good benefits. In the insurance industry, we’re given the opportunity to help people every day. Whether it’s responding with humanitarian relief in the aftermath of a hurricane, providing the resources to restore people’s lives to the way they were before something happened, or simply making sure someone has reliable transportation while their vehicle is being repaired after an accident, it’s our job to be there. And that feels pretty good.

Gary Douglas

Gary Douglas, President, Nationwide National Partners 
My younger self wasn’t considering a career in insurance, but I’m glad I had educators and mentors who recognized how my skills could fit into an industry with such a great diversity of opportunities and career paths. I’m thankful to those who helped me build my future and I’m committed to paying my debt forward by helping to build the future of others. No matter your career goals, you can find success and enrichment here. 

Tony Fenton

Tony Fenton, Vice President, Nationwide Commercial Lines Underwriting & Product Development & Delivery 
I feel incredibly honored to work in an industry and for a company that is here to protect others when it matters most. Commercial Lines insurance is a dynamic industry filled with innovation and technology that’s rooted in relationships – all the best aspects of a fulfilling career. 

Brad Liggett

Brad Liggett, President, Nationwide Agribusiness 
Growing up on our family farm, insurance was a foreign word to me, and I certainly never thought I would find myself in the insurance industry for 35 years. But I’ve truly been blessed with two of the most noble professions out there as agriculture helps clothe, feed, and fuel the world and insurance helps protect all those things. To current ag students I would say don’t be surprised when you hear the passion of ag professionals whose path led them unexpectedly — and sometimes on purpose — to the insurance industry. 

Beth Riczko

Beth Riczko, President, Nationwide Personal Lines 
Math nerd finds a way to make a difference! I stumbled into my insurance career after graduation, a degree in physics and math was a natural fit for actuarial science. What I didn’t know was how fantastic it is to be part of an industry that truly cares about people. I get to be part of something bigger than me, something to be proud of — an industry that helps people recover and rebuild after a loss. The stories we hear from our customers, the stories that make you cry when you realize how we make a difference, that’s what makes this industry special and a career in it so rewarding.

Jeff Rommel

Jeff Rommel, Senior Vice President, Personal Lines Sales & Distribution 
I am so fortunate to have found my insurance career right after graduating from Iowa State University (Go Cyclones!). Over the decades, I’ve had an opportunity to work in multiple areas including Sales, Service, Claims and more. Each has taught me something new while reinforcing a very important lesson… people are at the heart of everything we do! Whether those people are our members, our distribution partners, our communities, or our employees, we exist to serve and protect their futures.