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Adopted pets help make pandemic paw-pable

Nationwide Pet launches limited video series detailing pet adoptions during pandemic

One positive of people having to shelter in place during the COVID-19 pandemic is people taking an interest in pet adoption and bringing shelter animals into their home. Each adoption has a unique story. 

Nationwide Pet is sharing some of those stories with its limited video series, “Shelter to Shelter.” These vignettes chronicle different pet adoptions and how the newest addition to the family has made the pandemic a little more manageable:

  • Dalerys’ story - Going into 2020 was a hard year for Dalerys. Handling anxiety and being far from a family who lives in Puerto Rico can make life in New York City all the more overwhelming. Growing up, however, she’d turned to dogs to find comfort in her life. When the city went on lockdown, Dalerys found the perfect companion to help her through the uncertainty, Archie. For Dalerys, Archie is much more than her pet dog. He’s the first step toward building her family in New York City. Unlike many other dogs, Archie is terrified of the outdoors. As they both cope with anxiety, Dalerys and Archie are learning from each other. Dalerys wants to show Archie that he’s safe, and Archie has helped Dalerys realize that together, things are going to be okay.
  • Charlotte and Nima’s Story - Charlotte grew up with cats, while Nima never had a cat or a dog in his life. But the two of them both knew going into their relationship that one day they’d be getting a cat of their own. When shelter-in-place was advised, their search kicked into gear. To Nima’s surprise, they found not one but two cats, Paulo and Rio. They were found abandoned in a box on the side of the highway. But their temperaments could not be more loving. They’re like two people with their own distinct personalities. While Paulo’s the alpha, Rio’s more sensitive, and sleeps what feels like the entire day. Both, however, love constant attention and belly rubs, and have found both through their new owners. For Charlotte, it was love at first sight, while Nima found out how quickly a bond can form when giving a pet a new home.
  • Michael’s story - Michael never planned on adopting a puppy. With a busy work schedule, and life in New York City, caring for a dog seemed unmanageable. But things soon changed when COVID struck, and he left the city for the Catskills, in upstate New York. While driving, Michael received a call. The foster owner’s husband had just passed, and they were looking for someone to immediately adopt Oscar. Michael pulled up to see Oscar in a crate at the end of the driveway. An odd way to welcome the newest member of your life. In his attempt to get as far away from the unknown and hectic life of the city, Michael found a puppy that just wanted to be close. Now, Michael has a new routine. He’s traded his morning commute for morning walks to his small-town bakery, where Oscar has become a town staple. Interactions have changed from strangers on the subway to familiar faces downtown, all knowing his and Oscar’s names. Michael even has a new motto, “When in doubt, take him out,” as he and Oscar learn from each other how to navigate their new lives: Together, working from home and never alone.

More details on these stories and others can be found at www.petinsurance.com/pets-eye-view.